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This session is for the expectant mom, partner and siblings.  This session usually lasts approximately 60 minutes. Recommended between 28-32 weeks, maternity session can take place on location or in studio.

Outdoor sessions take place approximately 60 minutes before sunset. The exact time changes with the seasons. In the winter, this can be as early at 5:30pm. In the summer, it can be as late as 6:30pm.


 This session is for the newborn(s), parents and sibling(s) and takes place in studio. Newborn sessions are best scheduled between 5 and 12 days. This session usually lasts about 2-3 hours. Props and accessories are included. Newborn appointments are scheduled on weekday mornings typically at 10:00 am.


These sessions are designed to capture your baby’s first year milestone whether it’s tummy time, sitting up, crawling or walking. Sessions take place in the studio.


These sessions can take place either at the field or beach one hour before the sun sets. During our time we will play, laugh, dance and tickle – making sure we capture a great combination of candid photographs as well as posed.