Behind the Experience



Things I love:

  • Plants! From indoor plants to a garden bed. This is my “me-time”.

  • The soundtrack to the movie “Trolls” – yes, you read right! We have dance parties at home everyday to it!

  • Laying in the grass and watching the sun go down with my boys. I’m obsessed with sunsets!

  • Going to concerts and singing at the top of my lungs. Ok, I may also do that while showering!


Meet Ivanna

I want you to know – I get it. I get the butterflies you have just imagining what your newborn will look like – who’s eyes, who’s hair. I get how you ask yourself how many times a day you can possibly kiss your babbling baby’s sweet chubby cheeks. I get that maybe you’ve never found a single solitary extra minute in your hectic schedule to have your family photographed and maybe your kids don’t cooperate for the camera but you want them in front of it anyways.

I get it. I’ve been you, I am you.

I’m a full-time photographer, a mom, and everything in-between. I know how quickly time passes and how our day-to-day become memories in an instant.  Amidst every chaotic day, there are memories worth remembering, and that’s what I want to do for you.


The Studio

Nestled in the heart of Miami sits this cozy, all white, natural light photography studio. Here, mama’s enter their session feeling relaxed and ready to be pampered. The intimate environment allows for the experience to be personalized to each family.