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Hi there! Welcome to my blog, a journal about my sessions, the services and products I offer, as well as some resources for you. Stay a while and say hello!

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Fun Miami Children Photographer

Jul 6, 2020

Hey there, it’s Ivanna, your favorite Miami children photographer! I’m excited to share with you this family session. They were so much fun to work with! It was a family of four, with two young boys who were full of energy and excitement.

We chose a beautiful field with a stunning sunset as our backdrop for this photo shoot. The setting was just perfect for capturing natural and serene moments. The sun was setting behind them, creating a soft and warm glow in the background.

My main focus was to capture candid moments, as well as posed shots. Candid photos are my favorite since they show the real essence of the family. The boys were so playful and silly, I loved capturing those moments where they were laughing and giggling. It made for some truly beautiful and genuine photos.

As a Miami children photographer, I make it my mission to capture the true essence of a child’s personality in every photo. I wanted to make sure that I captured the individual personalities of each of the boys. They were both so unique and special, and I wanted their personalities to shine through in their photos.

The gallery turned out to be absolutely stunning, with a mix of posed shots and candid photos. One of my favorites was a photo of Mom holding the baby while her toddler ran circles around her. It was such a beautiful moment, and I was honored to have captured it.

After the session, the family chose to display their photos as a 9-image gallery in their home. It was truly heartwarming to see their love and connection displayed in such a beautiful way. It’s always a pleasure to see my clients’ photos hanging on their walls. I love knowing that these memories will be cherished for years to come.

As a Miami children photographer, I believe in creating a fun and stress-free environment for families to enjoy. I want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed, so I can capture those genuine moments that truly capture their love and connection.

If you’re looking for someone to capture your family’s special moments, I’d love to chat with you! Together, we can create memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s capture the true essence of your family’s unique personalities in a way that you’ll cherish for years to come!

Interested in a family session?

If you are in South Florida and are interested in a family session, Let’s chat! I have more information here about these sweet sessions and you can contact me here. I look forward to speaking with you!


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