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Customized Baby Clothes at Caprilina in Miami, Florida!

Jan 13, 2023

As a family photographer, one thing that always amazes me is how every newborn already seems to have their own identity. Each baby is unique, from their bright eyes to their content little grins! With such big personalities, why dress them in the same thing as every other kid? That is why I love businesses that allow you to customize your baby’s clothing. Adding something like a bold monogram gives your baby a chance to stand out! Plus, it’s an excellent addition for a newborn photo shoot, if I say so myself. If you’re looking for great personalized baby clothes, let me introduce you to Caprilina.

newborn baby wrapped in white with a pink bear hat Caprilina

About Caprilina

Cynthia Lopez-Rivas had a pretty full plate in college. In high school, she started a nail and jewelry business, and she kept this going as she pursued a finance degree at FIU. With her limited free time, she began to make beautifully embroidered pieces from a closet in her parents’ house. As sales picked up, she faced a decision: her original business or the embroidery. She chose the embroidery, and clearly, that was the right choice! Since then, the brand has taken off. By 2019, Caprilina had its first store, and soon, Cynthia could work with a team to create their line. 

Cynthia has two children of her own and loves creating pieces she knows other parents will adore. She involved her family in everything and even brought her kids to work with her daily for the first eighteen months of their lives. She’s proud to have built a community of #caprimoms and keeps her business family-focused!

new mom kissing her newborn girl on the head


Caprilina is passionate about making every day meaningful with its gorgeous pieces. While the business offers clothing for kids up to five, its specialty is its charming hospital sets that are perfect for bringing your baby home. Their sets include various pieces, such as footies, gowns, blankets, bibs, burp pads, hats, and clips. 

On top of the sets, they offer all sorts of outfits. From gingham bubble rompers to cozy striped pajamas, your baby can have a whole new wardrobe that’s all their own!

newborn baby with a white bear and headband Caprilina


Embroidery is what created Caprilina, and embroidery is still what sets them apart! When you choose any piece of clothing, you have dozens of choices for the monogram. You can choose the color, the font, and the size. Or you could skip over the monogram and instead choose to have your baby’s name expertly sewn on. When it comes to options, the limit does not exist! Caprilina also offers unique plaques to mark your baby’s birthday, making it a marvelous gift for new parents! Regardless of your choice, you’ll be happy knowing your baby has something special to them! 


For moms who love celebrating their unique babies, Caprilina is the perfect spot! With precious pieces, lovely colors, and endless options for customization, it’s about to be your new favorite destination. 

Are you looking for a family photographer to capture your little one’s big personality? I’m a South Florida photographer who loves turning those sweet smiles into framable treasures. Contact me today so we can book your session.

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