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Gootoosh for Organic & Eco-Friendly Children’s Clothing

Jun 6, 2023

Parents often feel concerned about the materials used for their children’s clothing, bedding, and toys. At Gootoosh, manufacturing and safety are the utmost priority. All kids should be comfortable and safe in what they wear, where they sleep, and what they play with. At Gootoosh, families can find everything from crib bedding, to infant apparel, to gifts for all occasions. 

A family of four sit and play while sitting on a picnic blanket in a park gootoosh

About Gootoosh

3330 NE 190th St 

Apt 1010

Miami, FL 33180

Gootoosh creates clothes for little ones that are stylish, classic, and practical. These clothes are made only of high-quality materials, perfect for parents, babies, and toddlers. Gootoosh designs and manufactures high-end, innovative products with organic jersey cotton and a lot of love! Children thrive when they are wearing comfortable, quality apparel! 

Organic materials are safe for kids’ sensitive skin, better for allergies, healthy, and ultra-soft. A baby’s skin is more porous and less oily than older children’s and adults’ skin, making it more prone to absorbing harmful chemicals and toxins. Organic materials are safe for the environment, help protect the planet, and are the best choice for kids’ sensitive skin.

Gootoosh founder Sagit is a mother who is passionate about design, and her greatest joy comes from knowing that families can enjoy the innovative, safe, amazing-quality products she sells.

A young toddler in a white dress and bow sits on a picnic blanket in a park gootoosh


All products at Gootoosh are chemical-free and made from organic and eco-friendly materials. The store uses jersey GOTS-certified cotton fabrics. All products are manufactured in Peru under the highest standards. 

Gootoosh carries a wide selection of products for babies, kids, and parents, including bedding, apparel, accessories, nursing covers, hats, bows, bibs, pillowcases, crib bedding, blankets, pillows, changing pad covers, gift sets, and much more. 

Gift sets are available in various themes, making shopping for special occasions easy and convenient. The “Mama’s Love” Baby Gift basket includes a stylish nursing cover in a fabric storage bag, a lovey security blanket, a bandana bib, or a head bow. These gift boxes are carefully curated as extra-special gifts for baby showers, birthdays, and other celebrations. 

A mother in a pink dress sits on a blanket in a park, lifting her young toddler to her cheek


Gootoosh’s special product, the My Super Tooth Fairy Pillowcase, is a unique, trendy, and beautiful gift celebrating the magic of losing teeth in early childhood. The Tooth Fairy is a mysterious fantasy figure, and the pillowcase represents this childhood superhero. The Super Tooth Fairy Pillowcase combines the Tooth Fairy’s enchanting magic with a superhero theme. 

When a child loses a tooth, tradition requires them to place it under their pillow for the Tooth Fairy to find while they sleep. The Tooth Fairy then replaces the tooth with a small gift or payment. The Tooth Fairy magic is a great way to help kids feel at ease with the changes of growing up and is a fun way to help kids grow up with confidence rather than fear. 

This pillowcase is available in three prints: super tooth fairy boy, super tooth fairy girl, and classic tooth fairy. It fits a standard-size pillow made from 100% organic cotton that is GOTS certified. Each pillow includes a small pocket, the magical place to leave the little tooth for the Tooth Fairy to find. The Wish List pocket is for the child’s wish list, gift, and small notes from the Tooth Fairy. 


Gootoosh is a great place to shop for high-quality items lasting for generations. Organic cotton is one of the safest, most comfortable materials to use for children’s clothing, and all items are manufactured with love and children’s safety as the utmost priority.


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