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Happy Monkey Shop for Simplistic, Natural Toys Encouraging Play

Mar 8, 2023

A toy store isn’t just a toy store. If you’ve ever had the chance to walk through the aisles of a small, independent toy store lined with shelves of exciting, innovative, and captivating dolls, vehicles, and figurines, you know you’re somewhere special. Happy Monkey Shop in Miami is dedicated to stocking their store with simplistic, natural toys designed to unlock the imagination, encourage play, and build confidence! Read more about their specialty products below! 

About the Happy Monkey Shop

Happy Monkey is a Miami-based kids and baby store with a specialized inventory of wooden and open-ended play toys. They are the place to be if you are shopping for a unique, hand-crafted gift that can open up a world of imagination and play! Happy Monkey Shop is a wonderland of colorful toys, clothing, and accessories. Every shopping trip is an entirely new adventure. You may just find it difficult to leave without a few additions to your list. 

Owned and operated by a mom, everything at Happy Monkey centers around the child’s experience. When you shop at Happy Monkey, you’ll feel good supporting a small local business that cares about investing in your child’s happiness! 

Grandma and grandpa stand on the beach with their four grandchildren


Happy Monkey Shop doesn’t just carry toys; they also have clothing for babies and kids, home decor, and essentials like swaddles and accessories. Where they shine, however, is their toy department. With a variety of high-end brands, the toys they sell are designed to stimulate the imagination, activate the senses, and encourage play with high engagement. 

Brands like Bajo create simple wooden vehicle toys made with sustainable wood and non-toxic paints. Bumbu’s collection of colorful wooden animals, both domestic and exotic, are both beautiful and durable. If your child likes dolls, they’ll find something special from Maileg’s line of plush characters with charming accessories. Happy Monkey Shop also has plenty of children’s instruments, pretend food and kitchen items, puzzles, scooters, bikes, and more! 

Almost all of Happy Monkey Shop’s products keep in mind the health of your child and the planet in mind. So shopping there offers a guilt-free experience. With dozens of international brands to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect toy for the little one in your life.

Mom and dad carry their two children while walking down the beach with condos happy monkey shop


So what’s so special about wooden toys, especially when so many toys these days can whistle, light up, sing, and more? Simple wooden toys can help little ones learn important lessons in creativity, problem-solving, cause and effect, and more, without all of the excess flash of many poorly made plastic toys. Typically speaking, wooden toys last longer and can be passed down from generation to generation. They also help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. On top of that, they stimulate different bits of intelligence like emotional, thinking, and social skills. With wooden toys, you can’t just push a button and play the way a toy instructs you. Children have to use their imaginations to bring the toy to life. 

Not to mention that wooden toys are much better for the environment! This is due to their biodegradable nature and ability to be recycled!

Boy and girl siblings play in the sand on a beach happy monkey shop

Happy Monkey Shop

Happy Monkey Shop is a one-of-a-kind toy store experience that can be appreciated at every age! Plan a visit soon to see what treasures you can find for the little ones in your life!

Now that you have a shop for everything your little one needs, it’s time to find your photographer! I have been helping families create last memories and heirloom art for over 14 years. So check out the blog links below for more Miami family content and work from my portfolio. Then let’s chat about your next session!


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