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Why Magnolia Birth House is a Top Birthing Center in Miami!

Dec 18, 2022

Magnolia Birth House is the first and only community-founded natural birthing center in South Florida. This means midwives, mental health professionals, family educators, and a community of other professionals can all use this single space to provide care for prenatal, birth, postpartum, education, breastfeeding, gynecological services, and so much more. When you choose to deliver at Magnolia Birth House, you will receive evidence-based care, guidance, and support throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey. They provide the highest-quality care based on the most current scientific evidence and are tailored to your individual needs. The midwives at Magnolia Birth House offer skillful hands and compassionate care as they watch, nurture, and support you and your family in achieving the birth you want on your own terms. 

mom to be in white maternity gown looking towards her bump on the beach

About Magnolia Birth House

Magnolia Birth House provides holistic and personalized care by a team of professionals you will get to know and love. It is designed to be a private, welcoming environment for you and your family to feel supported and encouraged at every step of your birthing and delivery journey. The center has such calm vibes with blues and greens, an entire back patio with a fire pit, and tons of room for you and your family. The suite is filled with essential oil diffusers, salt lamps, plants, and an air purifier. Each room has a bed, couches, and plenty of room for you, your family, and the birthing team. There is even a large living room with a TV, games, and books where you can just hang out with your family. So you stay as comfortable as possible while you are in labor, waiting to deliver at Magnolia Birth House. 

mom and dad to be standing on the beach with their arms wrapped around the baby bump Magnolia Birth House


They equipped the center for you to give birth however you choose. Including water birth, as they provide a tub placed right in your room. You can walk around, eat whatever you like, drink whatever you want, and be in whatever position you feel comfortable in, whether in the birthing tub, lying in bed, or sitting outside on the patio. Whatever you are feeling, you can do it to make yourself the most comfortable at Magnolia Birth House. This Miami birth center prides itself on being inclusive to all midwives in the community. They will open doors to populations who may traditionally feel unwelcome in standard healthcare facilities. Including LGBTQ+ individuals, low-income families, adolescents giving birth, and to immigrants. Their birthing center serves as a place of solace for any mother bringing a little one into the world. 

pregnant woman in white maternity gown cradling her bump on the beach Magnolia Birth House

Magnolia Birth House

The services offered by Magnolia Birth House are to be a support team for your labor and birth. They will complement you during your journey by providing emotional, physical, and educational support however you need it! So call to schedule your free consultation today! 

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