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Birthing Center Miami | Top 5 Birthing Centers for Intimacy & Tranquility

Jun 18, 2022

Lately, the conversation about birthing center in Miami and in South Florida has been coming up with many of my clients. Finding the perfect place to give birth is one of the most important choices you can make. As a mother of two, I understand the desire to have options for the perfect birthing experience. 

In a nutshell, birthing centers are lovely places to consider if you’re interested in things like hydrotherapy, breathing exercises, massages, and other alternative methods of pain relief. 

As a newborn photographer, I work with many pregnant women in Miami that I thought it would be wonderful to talk about your options for birthing centers in the city! 

Mom and Dad holding baby as they trust the birthing center they used in South Florida

Top 5 Birthing Centers Miami for Intimacy & Tranquility

#1 – Holistic South Birth Center 

Recently, I surveyed some of the moms I’ve worked with, and this place came out top! If you’re looking for a birthing center in Miami, Holistic South is a great option. Established in 2015, it helps women with prenatal, labor, and postpartum care and is located directly across from a hospital, which can be reassuring for those who need some extra peace of mind.

Knowing your birth options is very important when you are pregnant in Miami

#2 – Miami Maternity Center 

This lovely location is the top result on Yelp, according to the city’s recommendations, and it was also featured in my own survey too. The Miami Maternity Center features a water birth center and has some of the friendliest professional staff and the best maternity care in a comfortable, homey setting. 

Mom holding her newborn boy and dad holding his newborn boy after using a doula in Miami

#3 – Amazing Births and Beyond

Not a birthing center in itself but a place to find a doula and learn about your options, Amazing Births and Beyond is a great resource for a new Miami mom. With a 4.5 star rating online and lots of fantastic reviews from its users, you can connect with professionals who will talk you through a peaceful and empowering birthing process. Their birth education & wellness center offers you yoga, hypnobirthing, support groups, doula services, massage therapy, and lots more!

Newborn baby boy swaddled after trusting a doula in a Miami birthing center

#4 – Magnolia Birth House 

Magnolia Birth House is the first of its kind in Florida, being the only community-founded natural birthing center and women’s health organization. It is highly recommended online and also by the women I have worked with on their family maternity photos. 

Happy family of 3 uses a birth house for their newborn baby boy

#5 – Werk It Moms

The one is a little different — in an amazing way! Werk It Moms is a holistic community and doula service for minority mompreneurs. They offer support from fertility to postpartum, particularly for working women who are transitioning into motherhood. They have a five-star Google rating, and their users have shared many positive and uplifting stories regarding their experiences there. 

A holistic community and doula service for a new mom in Miami

So there we have it! 

​Those are just some of the amazing support and birthing care options that you can access outside of a hospital setting. I hope it gave you some food for thought — and I can’t wait to take your maternity and newborn photos.

Birthing Center Miami

Mom holding newborn baby boy after using a birthing center in Miami

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