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Body Belly Baby Fitness & Wellness Center for All Mothers

Apr 7, 2023

Are you searching for classes in Miami to help keep you informed, well, and educated on everything from pre-pregnancy to postpartum and beyond? Body Belly Baby has your back with educational classes at their wellness and fitness facility!

About Body Belly Baby

Located at 2550 S Bayshore Drive, Body Belly Baby is a wellness and fitness center for all women, whether they’re expecting or already have children! Founder and president, Valerie Massoni, is a fitness professional who is a mom and professionally teaches Pilates, belly dance, infant massage, and pre/postnatal fitness. 

With a complete list of credentials, Valerie opened up Body Belly Baby with a mission to be a caring and safe environment for women, moms, and babies to find wellness, fitness, and balance. Furthermore, their ultimate goal is to guide women through the cycles of motherhood with a healthy body as the end goal! 

Mother sits in a studio on a bench against a white wall while holding her newborn daughter in her lap body belly baby


Body Belly Baby offers quite a few different specialty classes, all excellent choices for the new mom, soon-to-be mom, or seasoned mom! Firstly, their pregnancy section of classes includes:

  • prenatal Pilates, prenatal yoga classes,
  • childbirth education classes,
  • newborn baby 101 class,
  • baby massage classes, baby sleep classes,
  • prenatal nutrition classes, and
  • prenatal breastfeeding classes, which can be highly beneficial as you prepare to breastfeed.

Secondly, their postpartum section of classes includes:

  • postnatal Pilates with baby (perfect so you don’t have to be without your newborn baby),
  • Kegel exercises and pelvic floor health classes,
  • mommy and me Pilates,
  • infant and child CPR classes, and
  • baby food classes. 

One of their most popular classes, Prenatal Pilates, is perfect for any level of pregnancy, as it is safe, fun, and OBGYN approved! Pilates aims to keep you aligned, balanced, and strong. The practice could benefit you throughout your pregnancy and potentially make your labor and birth easier as you keep active.

A new mother sits on a bench while cradling her newborn daughter in a beige dress and a white swaddle and headband body belly baby


While Body Belly Baby is a specialty within itself, their range of in-person classes is just the beginning, as the wellness and education center also offers online classes! Their online classes include both prenatal and postnatal options such as:

  • prenatal childbirth class,
  • prenatal baby 101 class,
  • prenatal breastfeeding class,
  • prenatal and postnatal baby massage class, and
  • prenatal and postnatal baby sleep class.

The online selection also includes prenatal fitness videos and instructionals. You don’t have to miss out on anything if you can’t make it in person. Most of the videos are perfect for everyone and suited for all trimesters. This center is genuinely there for you all of the way, whether in person or in your own home, with online wellness and education options.

A mother to be sits in the corner of a room in front of a window on a beige chair while holding her newborn daughter

Body Belly Baby

Above all, Body Belly Baby is a fantastic resource our community of moms is so lucky to have. Be sure to check out all of the classes they offer, meant for you no matter where you are in your motherhood journey! 

Wondering where to find more Miami motherhood content? Then check out the blog links below! Then reach out today to chat about your next photo session!


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