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Experience Relief from Pregnancy Pain with Lumina Massage

Sep 28, 2023

Massage has many health benefits, especially for women. At Lumina Massage in Miami Lakes, Florida, women can enjoy a variety of spectacular massage services that give them relief from pain, injuries, and muscle tension. From pregnancy to postpartum, Lumina Massage offers services for all stages of motherhood and even offers pediatric massage to help their kids grow and thrive. 

About Lumina Massage

15165 NW 77th Avenue


Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Lumina Massage’s mission is to serve women through the healing power of massage. This massage studio specializes in women’s health and neuromuscular therapy through a compassionate approach and rehabilitative methods that restore the body to proper function. Lumina Massage is conveniently located within a small medical office in a professional building in Miami Lakes. This studio is warm, inviting, and intimate. This family-focused business also caters to pediatric massage and sports-related injuries, fertility, postpartum, menopause, and extended family.

The owner, Michelle, focuses on relieving physical pain, muscle spasms, cramping, nerve damage, and swelling caused by pregnancy, injury, strain, autoimmune disorders, or neurological conditions. Massage can decrease physical discomfort, improve overall health, and speed up recovery. Michelle has been in the industry since 1997 and specializes in neuromuscular massage and prenatal massage. She has certifications in neuromuscular massage, prenatal massage, and other specialties. 

A young girl in a white dress kisses the forehead of her newborn sibling in mom's lap


Lumina Massage is good for pain relief, injury treatment, as well as muscular pain. Neuromuscular therapy includes manual soft tissue work and gets to the root of the problem, serving as an effective and safe way for people to find the relief they need. It is good for shoulder injuries, knee injuries, or TMJ (lockjaw). 

Prenatal massage services include massage that helps women go into labor in a safe and effective manner. This massage is ideal for moms who want to avoid induction. These massages blend ancient acupressure techniques to stimulate labor naturally. There are also prenatal massages, body treatments, and postpartum massages. 

Lumina Massage offers a pediatric massage that can help treat infant torticollis, gas, and constipation in babies. Pediatric massage is comforting and can help treat muscle tension, difficulty sleeping, sports injuries, or pain from other activities. 

A new mom sits on a bed in a blue dress while holding her newborn baby in her lap by a window lumina massage


Lumina Massage Induction massage includes acupressure points, massage, and neuromuscular techniques to stimulate labor and birth naturally. Induction usually occurs within 24-72 hours after the massage, and it is safe and effective for women who want to avoid induced labor.

Prenatal massage features neuromuscular therapy and relaxation techniques. This relaxing, effective Lumina Massage experience helps eliminate physical pain, reduce swelling, and increase the quality of the pregnancy while preparing the body for birth. These massages also include firm pressure to relieve muscle tension. 

Postpartum recovery massages are designed to relieve general muscle soreness from delivery and speed up recovery after giving birth. This massage is useful whether you’ve had a c-section or vaginal delivery. Massage includes medium to firm pressure and helps with scar tissue release, relief from neck pain, and decreased lower back pain. Above all, relaxation techniques allow postpartum moms to feel soothed and comforted. 

A mother and her young daughter sit together in a studio holding a sleeping newborn baby lumina massage

Lumina Massage

From prenatal massage to pediatric massage, Lumina Massage in Miami Lakes offers a variety of massage services to help everyone achieve optimal wellness and health. Massage has many health benefits, including better sleep, reduced pain, and faster recovery time from injuries. Above all, Lumina Massage is dedicated to providing the highest quality massage services to help families feel their best throughout their lives. 

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