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6 Highly-Rated Locations to Receive Pelvic Floor Therapy in Miami!

Jun 11, 2024

Pelvic floor therapy can make a big difference in a person’s life and help them get back to the lifestyle they enjoy. As a Miami newborn and maternity photographer, I know how important quality health care is to my patients. I recommend these practices for pelvic floor therapy in Miami, where patients can receive high-quality, individualized, sensitive care for a range of pelvic floor issues. So, keep reading to learn more about these practices!

Take Back Your Body With Some Incredible Pelvic Floor Therapy In Miami

A smiling mother in a beige gown walks in a studio while holding her sleeping newborn baby

UHealth Women’s Health & Wellness Initiative

1150 NW 14th Street, Miami, FL 

UHealth Women’s Health Alliance strives to provide compassionate care for women experiencing various pelvic floor issues. They recognize that this is a sensitive issue and are committed to helping women feel safe and comfortable addressing their concerns and health needs. The team of experts offers individualized treatment that addresses the unique challenges of pelvic floor dysfunction. 

Pelvic Therapy SF

4100 Salzedo Street, Suite 6, Coral Gables, FL 33146

Pelvic Therapy SF offers one-on-one pelvic floor therapy sessions that are done by a pelvic health physical therapist. One-hour, hands-on treatments are included with a care plan individualized for each patient. All therapists have their doctorate and specialized training in pelvic health and pelvic floor conditions. These therapists take a whole-body approach to women’s health care, tracking the root cause to ensure problems don’t come back. 

A happy mom smiles down at her sleeping newborn baby while standing in a studio after some pelvic floor therapy miami

Symmetry Physical Therapy 

28 W. Flagler Street, Suite 901, Miami, FL 33130

Symmetry Physical Therapy remains a privately owned, one-on-one, patient-centered physical therapy clinic in downtown Miami. Every treatment session is done by the same doctor. Symmetry’s specialized and passionate team is committed to helping each woman fully recover. Every patient at Symmetry receives high-quality, undivided attention for each one-hour session, where they receive individualized care vital for optimal results. Additionally, the therapists are fully committed and present for each patient in their care. 

Rooted Wellness Physical Therapy

145 Madeira Ave, Suite 101, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Rooted Wellness Physical Therapy evaluates, assesses, and treats pelvic floor issues and pregnancy and postpartum-related pain and dysfunction. All sessions are done in person by Dr. Alexia Garcia, a specialist in pelvic floor and obstetric physical therapy. Sessions last one hour, and a Pilates reformer sometimes enhances treatment plans to boost overall recovery and wellness. 

A toddler girl hugs her mom while standing in a studio holding her newborn baby thanks to pelvic floor therapy miami

Painless Pregnancy

In-home physical therapy in South Florida 

Painless Pregnancy is a physical therapy company that provides highly skilled and experienced care to pregnant and postpartum women. Therapists commit to preventing and treating all types of pelvic pain related to the female body during pregnancy and beyond. Pelvic floor therapy is a specialized form of care to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and support overall strength and wellness. 

Doctor Arienne Wrigley

5829 SW 73rd Street, Suite 2, South Miami, FL 33143

Dr. Adrienne Wrigley provides prenatal and postpartum pelvic health care and therapy. She loves helping women eliminate pelvic pain and dysfunction from sex, exercise, pregnancy, and postpartum. She designs all treatments specifically for each patient, ensuring one-on-one care. Dr. Adrienne addresses the whole body, not just one part, helping women return to what they love. She provides pelvic floor therapy, postpartum support, treatment for pelvic pain, treatment for diastasis recti, painful sex, therapy for runners, treatment of bladder leakage, and much more. 

You Deserve To Feel Good Again Thanks To Pelvic Floor Therapy In Miami

As a Miami motherhood photographer, I know how important it is for my clients to receive high-quality medical care, especially as they deal with sensitive issues such as pelvic floor complaints. These therapists for pelvic floor therapy in Miami offer a variety of pelvic floor therapy services in compassionate, patient-focused settings so that people can return to the everyday lives they enjoy. 

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