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5 Wonderful Locations Offering Placenta Encapsulation in Miami!

Jun 18, 2024

As a South Florida maternity and newborn photographer, I understand that many women want to use the placenta for its many health benefits after birth. The placenta can be stored, dried, and ground up to be placed in a tincture or in capsules that can be used as supplements to aid in postpartum recovery. If you’re looking for placenta encapsulation in Miami, then check out these businesses that provide professional, respectful services.

Discover 5 Locations Offering Nourishing Placenta Encapsulation In Miami

Happy new parents in white cradle their sleeping newborn baby against their chests while standing in a studio

South Florida Placenta Services

South Florida Placenta Services is a place where women can nourish their bodies and replenish their hormones after birth. They embrace the natural benefits of placenta encapsulation while restoring vitality in Miami. Placenta capsules receive careful preparation by dehydrating the placenta at a controlled temperature, grinding it into a powder, and placing it into capsules for easy consumption. Tinctures take 6 weeks to prepare and make an excellent alternative to capsules. Placenta cubes are also available and are ideal for adding to daily smoothies. 

Amankay Birth Services

Amankay Birth Services features a team of specialists, including a placenta preparation specialist who utilizes the many benefits of this organ to restore mothers’ bodies. Placentas can be turned into art, encapsulated, made into tinctures, or made into placenta smoothies. Amankay Services treats the placenta respectfully, honoring the gift of life given to mother and child. Ingesting the placenta can help balance hormones, decrease mood issues, help postpartum bleeding, increase milk production, enable quick healing after birth, replenish iron and B6, and decrease the likelihood of insomnia. The placenta can be encapsulated through traditional Chinese or raw dehydrated methods. 

A new mom in a cream dress stands in a studio cradling her sleeping newborn against her chest after getting placenta encapsulation miami

Amazing Births

The Red Tent Encapsulation Service at Amazing Births Miami includes pick up of the placenta, full placenta preparation, proper storage container for the completed capsule, written instructions for proper storage, suggestions for ingestion, and delivery of the finished pills to the client. Services include capsules or a Mother Tincture, which takes 6 weeks to prepare. 

The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place honors the placenta, a nutrient-rich organ said to promote postpartum healing. Placenta ingestion can increase milk supply, help with emotional issues postpartum, boost iron levels, and aid in overall recovery. Placenta encapsulation involves steaming, drying, and grinding the placenta into a powder that becomes a pill. It serves as a supplement in the weeks following childbirth. Clients receive a bottle of placenta capsules within 3-5 days of the placenta leaving the hospital. Additional services include placenta tinctures, which is another way to ingest the placenta. 

A new mom wearing a long cream down looks down at her sleeping newborn baby against her chest in a studio after getting placenta encapsulation miami

Werk it Moms

Placenta Services at Werk It Moms are respectful, professional, and timely. This company offers a placenta encapsulation package that includes encapsulation, tincture, salve, prints, a burial plot, and an umbilical cord keepsake. The Lotus Birth package includes placenta packing herbs and a care guide. 

You Will Love The Benefits From Placenta Encapsulation In Miami

The placenta is a miraculous organ whose function does not stop with the birth of the baby. The placenta can be encapsulated so that postpartum women can take it as a supplement to assist in postpartum healing and recovery. As a Florida maternity and newborn photographer, I recommend these local businesses that provide professional placenta encapsulation in Miami

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