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Support Through Pregnancy & More at The Gathering Place Miami

Jul 15, 2023

The Gathering Place in Miami is an essential part of the community, offering several classes, services, and support to families in the area. Whether you’re first-time parents or experienced parents that just want a little extra support, The Gathering Place is welcoming to all. 

About The Gathering Place in Miami

16821 NE 6th Avenue 

Miami Beach, FL 33162

The Gathering Place is a center that offers services, classes, and support groups designed specifically for growing families. The community provides families with strength and connection. The Gathering Place offers personalized support from early pregnancy through postpartum and early parenting. Families visit the center because of the unique variety of programs offered and remain with them because of the fantastic relationships they build as they become part of The Gathering Place family. 

Community is central to how The Gathering Place functions. The business is built on high standards of ethics, bringing information-based education to families in the Miami area. Clients are more than customers; they are part of the family and vital to the business’s success as they enjoy positive birth experiences and learn thoughtful parenting skills. 

A mother and father cradle their newborn baby daughter while standing in a studio the gathering place miami


The Gathering Place’s services include birth and postpartum doulas, childbirth education classes, breastfeeding counseling, support groups, workshops, and training. The center is also a community space where all families are encouraged to visit, whether or not they are members. The Gathering Place is a central part of the Miami Beach neighborhood.

Families can stop by for complimentary coffee, tea, and healthy snacks. Mothers can nurse comfortably on sofas and gliders. Additionally, parents can change their baby at The Gathering Place at any time. They can visit and connect with the amazing parent network. The Gathering Place provides resource binders for referrals and information about local care providers and other services. 

Support groups feature professionally facilitated breastfeeding, postpartum, and parenting groups where families can benefit from hearing real-life experiences from others in the community, gathering practical knowledge and tips to help them navigate this critical time in their lives. 

Doula care provides guidance, information, physical assistance, and emotional support during pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond. Doulas provide expert care and support to families during this intimate, vulnerable time in their lives, providing evidence-based education and support as they navigate the journey to parenthood. 

New parents stands in a studio holding their newborn daughter together the gathering place miami


The Gathering Place offers many lactation services to breastfeeding families. Parents can also schedule one on one sessions with one of the lactation consultants. Breastfeeding presents many challenges, and parents can gain confidence as they receive support for positioning, latch, and milk production. 

Furthermore, private consultations can occur in comfortable offices or a family’s home. Lactation consultants can help with low milk supply, latching challenges, concerns with weight gain, using a breast pump, advice on returning to work, and managing twins or preemies.

The Gathering Place partners with Mother’s Milk Bank of North Texas as a local “milk depot” collection site that serves as a local resource for women that want to donate excess breast milk to babies in need. Depots nationwide also support women by storing milk and shipping it to the Mother’s Milk Bank for testing, pasteurization, and safe distribution to needy families.

Childbirth education classes include “Pregnancy + Childbirth: Preparing For Hospital Birth,” where families learn about hospital protocols, the art of negotiation, creating a birth plan, resolving differing expectations, what is done in the hospital nursery, and breastfeeding support. The “Your Amazing Newborn” class is ideal for new parents and adoptive parents interested in learning important skills before their baby’s arrival. 

Topics include infant cues, newborn characteristics, coping with crying, and adjusting to life with a new baby. Additionally, small group class sizes allow for demonstrations, practice, and plenty of time for asking questions.  

Details of a newborn baby sleeping with parent's wedding bands on her finger

The Gathering Place Miami

The Gathering Place in Miami provides essential services to the local community, supporting parents to many stages and challenges throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and beyond. All families can access the support network they need to raise their little ones successfully through support groups, education classes, and doula services. 

It is so easy to get lost in the hectic mess and forget what a joy motherhood can be. As a mom, I get it! So I love getting to connect with everyone I work with and help them with blogs like these! Check out more of my work and other helpful tips in the links below. Reach out today to chat about your dream photo session!


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