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Let Coastal Midwifery Support Your Natural Childbirth

Dec 28, 2023

As long as there have been humans on the planet, women have been giving birth. While we typically associate childbirth with a hospital setting and lots of frantic energy, childbirth has been viewed as a natural, non-medical phenomenon for millennia. For nearly that long, midwives have been at the side of pregnant and birthing women, offering support, guidance, and wisdom along the way. Today, midwives are medically trained professionals who take a holistic, natural approach to childbirth, keeping a close watch to make sure everything is running as it should while allowing women to navigate their own choices throughout labor and delivery. In South Florida, Coastal Midwifery offers prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum care and support for growing families. If you’re considering hiring a midwife for your birth experience, keep reading to learn more about their services!

About Coastal Midwifery

Coastal Midwifery offers families in South Florida the option of a holistic out-of-hospital birth experience guided by gentle and experienced hands. Licensed Midwife and owner of Coastal Midwifery, Christa West, found a passion for childbirth after witnessing the miracle of her nephew being born back in 2006. She found herself diving headfirst into the ancient artistry of midwifery and graduating from the International School of Midwifery several years later in 2011. Since then, Christa has traveled the world, assisting women in childbirth in countries like Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well as delivering her own twin daughters in 2014! 

Expecting parents stand on a beach sharing a kiss while holding the bump after visiting coastal midwifery


When you hire a midwife, they’ll take the place of your OB, keeping up with your prenatal appointments, any required testing, and even necessary ultrasounds. As a client of Coastal Midwifery, you’ll be in Christa’s capable hands as you navigate low-risk pregnancy with peace of mind and grace

When it comes time to deliver your baby, Christa will be by your side once you’re in active labor. She’ll take your vitals and assess your baby, encouraging you to eat, drink, and do as much as possible to keep up your energy. If you choose to have a water birth, she’ll take the time to fill up the birth tub and make sure everything is ready whenever you are. Once your little one is born, they’ll never leave your sight; after an hour of skin-to-skin bonding and breastfeeding, Christa will perform a newborn exam, make sure you are recovering well, and begin to clean up all signs of your birth. 

Christa will be on call for you as you adjust to life with your newborn, conducting an in-home visit several days later and a few in-office follow-ups over the course of the next few weeks. She also offers concierge postpartum care for an additional package fee that provides more in-depth, individualized care for you and your baby. 

Insurance covers most of Coastal Midwifery’s services. But check with your provider! Even if not covered by insurance, the cost of a midwife is typically about half of what it would cost out of pocket with an OB/GYN, making it a cost-effective way to welcome your baby. 

A mom to be walks in the water on a beach in a blue and white maternity dress


In addition to everything outlined above, Christa also offers placenta services, allowing new moms to take advantage of the nutrients found in their placenta through the form of capsules, tinctures, or smoothies. Placenta consumption can prevent postpartum depression, increase milk production, balance hormones, and even offer pain relief! 

I Hope Coastal Midwifery Feels Like The Team You Deserve To Support Your Journey.

Coastal Midwifery is a great option for anyone in the South Florida area considering a home birth experience. Check out their website to learn more about Christa and the services she offers, as well as some more in-depth information about midwifery practices as a whole. 

A mom to be leans onto her husband in a blue dress while standing on a beach at sunset before visiting coastal midwifery

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