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The Natural Way to Birth Your Baby With East Coast Midwifery

Jan 4, 2024

Midwives are incredible people. They believe that childbirth is a beautifully natural and totally normal phenomenon that shouldn’t be feared or treated as a medical condition. Instead, they believe that the mother should be able to listen to her body, doing what feels best in every moment for her baby and her birth. These medical professionals are champions at empowering women and families through an exciting new phase of life while also making sure that everything moves along safely. If you’re pregnant in Boca Raton and considering a more natural and holistic approach to childbirth, check out East Coast Midwifery

About East Coast Midwifery

2263 NW 2nd Ave, Suite 206, Boca Raton, FL 33431

At the helm of East Coast Midwifery is Michelle Cerami, a Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife, and Certified Lactation Specialist. Her experience as both a midwife and a mother has shown her how “perfectly normal undisturbed birth can be.” As a result, her practice is rooted in holistic, traditional mother-baby care, where “the pregnant woman is centered, her intuition is honored, her words are respected, and she is truly supported and deeply loved.” Her passion is creating safe spaces for women and families where they can feel seen, heard, and respected, in turn benefitting from the warmth of feeling loved and cared for in a vulnerable time of transition. 

A mom to be in a white maternity gown stands on a rocky beach holding her bump before visiting east coast midwifery


First and foremost, East Coast Midwifery offers comprehensive home birth and midwifery care services. As a client, you’ll receive regular prenatal care to make sure both you and baby are thriving, as well as postpartum care once your beautiful baby is at long last in your arms. Michelle will be by your side throughout active labor and delivery in the comfort of your own home, providing a gentle and reassuring presence while allowing you to determine what is best for your body and your unique birth experience. 

Michelle can also help you prepare for childbirth with one of her childbirth education courses. She’ll help you get acquainted with “the energies at play during pregnancy and birthing,” as well as what you can expect from your body throughout the experience. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about what to expect, the more at ease you will feel as your delivery day approaches. Classes are offered in group settings, so you can get to know other families who are in a similar phase of life, anticipating a new arrival. If you’re uncomfortable learning in a group setting, East Coast Midwifery also offers private birth classes that will cater the conversation to your unique birth plans. 

Expecting parents share a kiss while standing on a beach


In addition to education and full-spectrum midwifery services, Michelle also offers a few specialty services for a holistic approach to postpartum recovery. The first is placenta encapsulation, which uses the nutrients in your placenta to help aid recovery after childbirth. You can opt to have it made into capsules, tinctures, smoothies, or salves. Ingesting the placenta after giving birth helps to prevent postpartum depression, increases milk supply, balances hormones, and can even offer pain relief. 

Additionally, East Coast Midwifery offers assistance with Yoni Steaming. A holistic process used worldwide to aid in postpartum recovery. She’ll help you create a customized care plan and a unique concoction of herbs that will help your lady parts recover from the trauma of childbirth. Steaming can help reduce the chance of infection, reduce postpartum contracts, reduce discomfort from healing sutures, and have plenty of other benefits. 

Thanks For Spending Some Time With East Coast Midwifery

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to your birth experience that is led with love first and foremost, check out East Coast Midwifery. Michelle became known for her positive reputation and unwavering support. Additionally, she offers the same for your family. Set up a consultation to meet with her and see if she fits your birth experience! 

If you’re creating your birth plan, don’t forget to fit in some pictures! I’m a Boca photographer who loves helping families keep memories of this time. I know from experience that the newborn months can feel like a haze—especially the first time. So, I create relaxing photo sessions, leaving you with beautiful portraits without all the stress. If you’ve been considering booking a session for your little one, then let’s connect!


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