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Trust Elite Nannies in Miami for Exceptional Childcare!

Feb 22, 2024

You’ve probably heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and if you have children, you know how true that is. Moms and dads are superheroes, but even the most talented and gifted parents need an extra hand from time to time! But when it comes to the people you invite into your proverbial village, of course, you want to be able to trust them to take care of your children. That’s where a nanny agency like Elite Nannies in Miami comes in! 

A father lifts and laughs with his toddler in his hands while standing in the water on a beach after meeting elite nannies miami

About Elite Nannies Miami

990 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 503, Miami, FL 33132

Elite Nannies Miami CEO and founder Thalya Olmos began her caregiving career working with children and behavioral challenges. Several years ago, she decided to branch out into childcare, creating a company that offered programming and services to support the needs of families and children from every walk of life in the Miami community. 

Today, with over 10 years of industry experience, Elite Nannies on Call offers On Call, Full-Time, Part-Time, and Short Term nannies that exceed the industry standards of quality and reliability. In addition to their dedication to making a significant difference in the lives of the families and children they serve, their reputation for expertise, credibility, integrity, and experience has positioned them amongst the top nanny agencies in Miami.

A young toddler in yellow overalls sits in the sand on a beach


Whether you’re searching for a full-time, part-time, or on-call nanny, the Elite Nannies Miami 1-to-1 placement plans are the perfect way to find the right person for your needs. When you register to work with their agency, you’ll have unlimited access to Elite Nannies on Call staff and their database of resumes, as well as resources like professional work agreements, as well as tax, payroll, and insurance information. 

When it comes to building their nanny database, their detailed and rigorous screening process includes a psychological assessment and structured behavioral interviews. Of course, all applicants will also undergo a comprehensive background check, reference checks, and credential and employment verification to make sure only the most honest and credible applicants move forward with the company. 

Happy parents play with their toddler while standing on a beach after meeting elite nannies miami


If you have a child with special needs, you probably know how much of a challenge it can be to find a caregiver with the appropriate skill set to properly support and engage your child. Elite Nannies On Call has a Special Needs Service Division just for families who have a child with an additional need. These Elite Care Specialists are highly experienced and qualified to provide care and support for children with special needs, accommodating your family’s unique circumstances and situation. The Elite Care Specialists are also trained to implement Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques to help promote and improve your child’s age-appropriate behaviors. Many of these specialty caregivers are also able to implement specific development and/or care programs. 

Another unique category of caregivers offered by Elite Nannies Miami are Newborn Specialists. These highly trained individuals specialize in the care of newborns, assisting with the everyday care of your new baby. Their duties may include feeding, bathing, diapering, sleep training, lactation support, and even overnight care so you can get some much-needed rest. Newborn specialists are all about helping you get off to the best start in parenting your new baby! 

You Will Love Adding Elite Nannies in Miami To Your Team Of Caregivers!

Elite Nannies in Miami is an incredible resource for families who need a little extra love and care that they know they can trust. Check out their website to learn more about the application process, and then reach out to find your perfect nanny! 

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