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Baptist Health Maternity: Where Your Family’s Journey Begins

Feb 29, 2024

If you’re looking for a great place to welcome a new baby into the world, be sure to check out Baptist Health Maternity, where you can access all kinds of services related to pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum recovery, and breastfeeding support. Baptist Health Maternity strives to help all families feel welcome and supported in their journey to welcoming a new family member into the world. 

About Baptist Health Maternity

2815 S Seacrest Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL 33435

At Baptist Health Maternity in South Florida, every patient has access to highly skilled experts and the latest in medical technology to ensure safe childbirth experiences for all. Obstetricians, anesthesiologists, and nurses fully dedicate themselves to patients’ comfort and safety. Neonatologists also make themselves available every day to provide specialized care.

This family-centered atmosphere encourages families to all be involved in the birthing experience. Doctors work with patients to design the birth experience that each family desires. Private rooms are decorated to feel just like home, and after delivery, families are moved to a private room or suite where they can bond with their baby in peace and tranquility. This is a great place to welcome a new baby!

A pregnant mother stands in a studio with her toddler daughter in a white dress as they hug the bump


Baptist Health Maternity offers warm, comfortable rooms and birthing suites to help families relax as they prepare to welcome their new family member. All patients receive treatment from loving, professional staff who provide the support needed for every stage of the birthing experience.

The birthing suites are designed to create a relaxed atmosphere with minimal disruptions. In this homelike setting, highly qualified physicians, nurses, and advanced equipment allow patients to experience the best possible obstetrical care. During labor and delivery, nurses assist patients with whatever they need, keeping them informed about their progress and giving them any medications ordered by their doctor. Family members and friends stay with patients in the birthing suite. One person may also accompany the patient in a C-section delivery.

For post-delivery bonding, families move to postpartum recovery rooms, where their baby remains with them for the remainder of their stay. Your baby remains monitored carefully during the whole stay. So, nurses always stay close by to answer questions and help parents learn to care for their newborns. 

All care given stays patient-centered and family-focused. They also encourage fathers, parents, support partners, siblings, and grandparents to be a part of this wondrous occasion. 

A young girl kisses mom's pregnant bump while standing in a studio after visiting baptist health maternity


Baptist Health Maternity also offers breastfeeding services. The lactation consultants at Baptist Health are able to answer questions and assist in making breastfeeding a rewarding experience. Baptist Health offers breastfeeding classes to moms who plan on breastfeeding or just want to learn more. Offered through Childbirth Education, these classes cover the benefits of breastfeeding, nutrition concerns, and options for returning to the workplace. Other topics include latch, positioning, overcoming challenges, hunger cues, realistic expectations, and when to seek help.

In the hospital, breastfeeding specialists and lactation consultants work with families to establish a good start to breastfeeding. The hospital also rents and sells equipment, like electric breast pumps, to breastfeeding moms. Other items available include nursing pillows, breast shells, freezer bags, and nursing bras.

A mom to be in a floral print maternity gown smiles down her shoulder while standing in a studio after visiting baptist health maternity

You Will Love The Care And Support Of Baptist Health Maternity

From labor and delivery to postpartum bonding and recovery, patients at Baptist Health Maternity are well taken care of by teams of skilled physicians who utilize the latest in medical technology. From comfortable labor and delivery suites to homelike postpartum recovery rooms to postpartum lactation support and help, Baptist Health Maternity helps all families have a great start to their parenting journey. 

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