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Giving Birth and What to Expect at Natural Birthworks Center

Feb 15, 2024

The way you choose to give birth is an extremely personal decision. Regardless of what the internet, your friends and family, or anyone else who feels inclined to offer their opinion has to say, there’s no right or wrong way to give birth! For some families, the security of a hospital birth offers peace of mind and a spectrum of pain relief options. For others, the comfort and safety of home is the perfect place to welcome a new baby. If neither of those options feels particularly right to you, you may want to consider a birth center like Natural Birthworks Birth Center in Margate, FL! 

Expecting Parents rest their hands on the bump while standing on a beach at sunset

About the Natural Birthworks Birth Center

513 Melaleuca Drive, Margate, FL 33063

Natural Birthworks Birth Center is owned and operated by two Licensed and Certified Professional Midwives, Gelena Hinkley and Sandra Lobaina (who is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, or IBCLC.) Together, they had a shared interest in taking a more natural and holistic approach to their health and lifestyle. This new mindset planted the seed for a way to provide the same benefits to their community through a beautiful sanctuary where families could welcome their new babies in a natural but safe environment. 

Their birth center follows the Midwifery Model of Care, which is rooted in the belief that (low-risk) birth is natural and needs very little intervention. When you deliver at Natural Birthworks, you’ll be prepared to make your own decisions and birth in the way your body’s instincts tell you to, all while being closely monitored by a trained and experienced midwife and birth assistant. 

A mother to be and her husband stand on a beach dune at sunset holding the bump in front of a lighthouse after visiting natural birthworks birth center


Natural Birthworks Birth Center offers a relaxed, welcoming, and comfortable alternative to a home or hospital birth. Their facility features two beautifully decorated birthing suites, Earth and Water, both of which are serene environments. Each room has a large birthing tub, ideal for use throughout labor as a way to alleviate pain. You’ll also have access to plenty of other tools and supplies to bring comfort to your body. 

When you choose Natural Birthworks, you’ll be working with Sandra and/or Galena as your midwife. You’ll receive all of your prenatal care through them with personalized visits. These allow you to take your time and get to know your provider. Your midwife is on call for you 24/7 to address questions and concerns. Additionally, their childbirth classes are included in their services to help you prepare. Once your baby arrives, you’ll also have extensive breastfeeding support! So you and your baby get off to a great start! 

A mother to be in a white maternity gown sits on a beach blanket in the dunes holding her bump after visiting natural birthworks birth center


In addition to comprehensive prenatal, labor, delivery, and postpartum care, Natural Birthworks Birth Center also offers birth and postpartum doula services, placenta encapsulation, and in-depth lactation services. As one of their clients, you’ll always have the support you need to embrace a holistic birth experience. 

Plan The Perfect Birth Journey With Natural Birthworks Birth Center

Natural Birthworks Birth Center is a wonderful option for any family considering an out-of-hospital birth experience. Their comfy facilities, experienced midwives, and additional services all come together seamlessly to ensure you feel empowered, positive and encouraged about your birth. Check out their website for more information. Then, set up an in-person tour to see if it’s the right place for you and your growing family.

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