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High-Quality Labor & Delivery Care With Home Birth Miami

Aug 13, 2023

Are you considering a home birth in Miami? Be sure to check out these three midwifery practices, where experienced midwives assist families in all stages of the parenthood journey, from conception through the postpartum healing period. Midwives provide care and support through labor and delivery right in the comfort of a patient’s home. These three Miami-based midwifery practices offer high-quality services to empower families to have their desired home birth experience. 

3 Agencies for A Home Birth in Miami Specializing in Customizable Birthing Experiences

A new mother smiles down at the newborn baby in her arms

Coastal Midwifery

Serving South Florida

If you’re considering home birth, consult the services of Coastal Midwifery of South Florida. This practice offers one on one prenatal care scheduled at patients’ convenience and home birth support unlike any other. Home birth is an excellent option for families wanting a more natural, non-invasive approach to labor and delivery. Pregnancy and birth is a normal life process, and women should feel empowered throughout this journey.

At Coastal Midwifery, midwives are on call around the clock when it gets close to your due date. Once you’re in active labor, the midwife will go to your house to assess you and the baby. The midwife stays with the family and provides support throughout labor and delivery. Patients are encouraged to eat and drink and change positions often. 

Midwives encourage their patients to ease pain during labor by resting, walking, sitting on a birth ball, taking a shower, or sitting in the birth tub. The midwife assists the family all the way through delivery, providing careful monitoring for the mother and baby to ensure that everyone stays healthy and safe.

New parents sit together on a bed while their newborn baby girl sleeps in dad's lap home birth miami

Spirit of Life Midwifery

9507 SW 160th 

Suite #220

Miami, FL 

The home birth midwives at Spirit of Life Midwifery provide excellent, holistic prenatal care and support during labor and delivery (including water birth and home birth). Comprehensive care includes prenatal visits, support throughout labor and delivery, and breastfeeding and postpartum recovery assistance. Midwives provide real support during labor and birth. Home births mean midwives are there for the entire process, providing support and encouragement to make the process as natural, safe, and efficient as possible. 

Midwives at Spirit of Life Midwifery respect women and take the time to get to know their patients and support them in their pregnancy. Comprehensive, personalized, holistic care is provided to patients who choose to have a home birth. Midwives provide labor, birth, and postpartum support. 

Home births and water births are encouraged. Care for mom and baby continues after delivery. They also offer breastfeeding and parenting support. New patients are encouraged to book a free consultation visit to learn the midwifery care model for home births.

A new mother sits in an armchair looking down at her newborn baby girl in her arms home birth miami

Midwife & Co.

1401 Sunset Drive

Miami, FL 33143

Midwife & Co. is a concierge wellness practice that serves the Miami area with a certified nurse midwife who puts patients first. This practice provides exceptional, evidence-based care to expectant families. The certified nurse midwife at Midwife & Co. is an expert in supporting families through healthy pregnancies and births. Comprehensive well-woman care and family planning are also available.

Home birth services at Midwife & Co. include prenatal and postpartum care with a certified nurse midwife with decades of experience. These services are available to women experiencing low-risk pregnancies (there is a set criterion of what makes a pregnancy “low risk”). 

Many insurances partially cover midwifery services, making home births more affordable to all families. Home births can be beautiful, empowering experiences for families.

Home Birth Miami

If you’re considering a home birth in Miami, check out the fantastic services offered at these three midwifery practices. From prenatal care to labor and delivery support to postpartum encouragement and education, midwives at these practices help support and empower families to have the best home birth experience possible. 

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