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Get Patient-Focused Pregnancy Care at Miami Maternity Center

Aug 6, 2023

If you want to break away from the cold, sterile hospital environment to give birth, Miami Maternity Center presents an excellent alternative. Comprehensive, patient-focused care is offered at all pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum stages, allowing families to have minimally-invasive, empowering birth experiences. 

A mom to be sits on a blanket on the beach in a white maternity dress looking down at her bump miami maternity center

About Miami Maternity Center

140 NE 119 Street

Miami, FL 33161

The Miami Maternity Center came to fruition in 1995 by Shari Daniels, who directed its day-to-day function and operations for many years. The center also focuses on creating an independent, dynamic, multilingual, diversified facility that serves a range of women from all backgrounds, cultures, and religions. 

In 2010, Miami Maternity Center welcomed Ms. Williams as its new director, and she continues to share her knowledge of midwifery for all families in the Miami area. This facility strives to nurture every woman with respectful, compassionate care and provide guidance, education, and support. Furthermore, this center is associated with the International School of Midwifery and allows student midwives to intern at the facility. 

A mother to be stands with her partner placing his hand on her bump in a white maternity dress on a beach miami maternity center


Miami Birth Center offers a traditional, safer, non-invasive way of giving birth, in contrast to hospital settings. The Miami Maternity Center’s philosophy is to provide services that ensure parents’ and families’ comfort, health, and well-being. Because birth is seen as a natural experience, their midwives allow nature to take its course and allow labor to progress without intervention. 

The Miami Maternity Center comprises a team of midwives, midwifery assistants, and labor coaches, with obstetricians, pediatricians, and other specialists on call. This center provides a full range of prenatal care, labor and delivery support, and postpartum care in a beautiful, home-like setting that allows all families to feel comfortable and empowered to have a fantastic birth experience. 

Additionally, this center offers water births, free childbirth classes, early pregnancy classes, personal care, and an experienced multilingual staff to provide all families with a wonderful birth experience. This facility is the nicest, largest facility dedicated solely to pregnant mothers and their babies.

Perks of giving birth at Miami Maternity Center include:

  • a comfortable and home-like setting,
  • warm, soothing jacuzzi tubs for labor,
  • attentive and experienced staff,
  • a welcoming place for family members,
  • the ability to eat and drink as you like throughout labor,
  • low cost, and
  • emphasis on the baby being close to you at all times. 

Furthermore, services include:

  • prenatal care, postpartum care,
  • labor and delivery support, breastfeeding support,
  • water birth, home birth,
  • parenting classes,
  • gynecological services, contraceptive services,
  • STI and STD testing,
  • urine pregnancy tests, and blood pregnancy tests. 

A mom to be leans into her husband's chest while sitting on a beach


Water births are supported at Miami Maternity Center and are one of the most popular options for birth. Moms can choose to labor in the tub and birth in bed or labor and birth the baby in the tub. This form of birth has been shown to be less stressful on the mother and baby and a gentle, safe way to give birth. 

Miami Maternity Center also supports home births. Many families find comfort in birthing in their own homes. Home births are empowering and memorable. They support families who choose to give birth in the comfort of their houses. Home births may be due to cultural or religious traditions, a worry about fast labor, or a desire to birth in a familiar, relaxing place surrounded only by people you know and trust. Home births also tend to have minimal interventions. 

Miami Maternity Center also offers an early pregnancy class designed for women up to 20 weeks along. This class contains everything you need to know about what is happening to you and your baby throughout pregnancy. This class is free and is open to partners as well!

Miami Maternity Center

Families can enjoy memorable, empowering birth experiences at Miami Maternity Center. This center provides family-focused care, regardless of background or culture. From water birth to home birth, Miami Maternity Center provides a more natural, comfortable environment where families can feel empowered to have the desired birthing experience. 

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