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Find Outfits & More for Celebrations of All Kinds at Yoyo Boutique!

Aug 27, 2023

The Catholic Church has many beautiful traditions celebrated as a family, including Christenings and First Communions. These honored occasions are steeped in rituals and observed with pride by Catholics worldwide. Your family has likely been looking forward to your baby’s Christening or your child’s First Communion for some time, so now that the moment is near, it’s time to find the perfect apparel to celebrate! Yoyo Boutique in Miami offers incredible, high-quality, detailed Christening gowns and First Communion dresses, among other handcrafted items. Please keep reading to learn more about this beautiful company and the women who make it run!

About Yoyo Boutique

Owner Nina Argibay and her mother founded Yoyo Boutique in 2016, and they have helped thousands of families around the world prepare for their upcoming celebrations. They sell Spanish-made First Communion dresses for girls, suits for boys, Christening gowns, newborn outfits, and more. Whatever your child needs for the occasion, they very likely carry it! 

The leading designers and artisans in Spain make their dresses, gowns, and outfits. They know that these sentimental items are often passed down generationally, observing family traditions. Moreover, they intend to offer apparel, jewelry, and accessories that can be passed down within your family, too.

A newborn baby sleeps in a white swaddle surrounded by colorful flowers yoyo boutique


Every gown, dress, suit, and outfit sold at Yoyo Boutique comprises the highest quality materials from the most talented designers in Spain. Their Christening gowns range from ornate and detailed to simplistic and classic. Hence, you can find a style you would be proud to have passed along from generation to generation in your family. Are you looking for a Christening outfit for your baby boy? They have plenty of styles and silhouettes for him, too! 

While they offer a single, simplistic suit style for boys for First Communion, their dresses for young girls are true art pieces. With lace, ribbons, ruffles, floral detailing, and other design features, your daughter can find a dress that makes her feel beautiful and special for her ceremony. 

Yoyo Boutique also carries accessories like headbands, shoes, brooches, rosaries, and jewelry to make the day even more special. Gift your celebrant their own traditional bible or a necklace they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. 

A father and mother looks down at their newborn baby in dad's arms while standing in a studio yoyo boutique


While religious occasions are Yoyo Boutique’s specialty, they also offer a variety of apparel for other celebrations! They have a selection of girls’ dresses that are perfect for flower girls and party attendees. Additionally, they have a collection of hand-knitted newborn outfits that are classic gifts and cozy knitted blankets and bonnets to complete the outfit. 

A newborn baby sleeps on its side with hands on its cheeks

Yoyo Boutique

A Christening or First Communion is a momentous occasion and a huge reason to celebrate as a family. Honor tradition with a one-of-a-kind handcrafted gown, dress, or outfit from Yoyo Boutique in Miami, and invest in a piece worthy of being passed down through the generations to come in your beautiful family. 

Are you ready to mark the occasion with new family photos? Do you need a photographer to capture your event? I’d love to be a part of your family’s special event! Reach out for more information on how to work together to capture these memories in time.


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