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Breastfeeding Help With a Lactation Consultant in Broward County

Jul 22, 2023

Breastfeeding is a wonderful, natural process, but it can be challenging for new moms! Lactation consultants help provide support to breastfeeding parents working through issues such as improper latch, low milk supply, or returning to work. A Lactation Consultant in Broward County helps families have the best start to their breastfeeding journeys. 

A mother sits on a bed in a studio cradling her newborn daughter in a cream dress lactation consultant broward county

Find Your Lactation Consultant in Broward County Who Supports Your Breastfeeding Journey

The Milk Collective

Serving Miami Dade and Broward County areas

Breastfeeding isn’t always easy, and oftentimes women need the reassurance of an experienced professional who can help troubleshoot any problems that might pop up. A certified lactation consultant can help, whether you’re preparing for your baby’s birth or your new baby has just arrived. The Milk Collective offers virtual consultations, lactation consultations, follow-up consultations, tongue or lip tie evaluations, phone consultations, and back-to-work consultations. They also offer a prenatal breastfeeding class that addresses the basics of breastfeeding. A “baby’s first foods” consultation is also available to walk parents through the transition to solid foods. 

A newborn baby lays in a white lace swaddle and a white bow with eyes wide open

Mom’s Breast Friend

Serving Palm Beach and Broward County 

Started by Sasha Lansing, Mom’s Breast Friend strives to give all moms the support they deserve after birth. Focusing on one-on-one in-home care, they want to support you through your fourth trimester. As a mother herself, Sasha understands how challenging the beginning months can be. That’s why she provides more than just lactation support. Even after your in-home sessions are done, she remains available for another week for text and email questions. 

In her in-home sessions, she helps by offering functional oral assessment, latch assessment, positional practice, as well as weighted feeds. With these, she tries to cover all things breastfeeding. So you know you are comfortable when she leaves. 

Sasha’s services do not stop with breastfeeding. She also offers two classes for expecting and new mothers. Her Prenatal Motherhood, Milk & Tummy Time prepares you for the early months with your newborn. Meanwhile, her Postpartum Support Group meets monthly as a way for moms to form a community of peers.

A mother holding her newborn baby girl leans into her husband's lap while he kisses her lactation consultant broward county

Miami Breastfeeding Specialist

Serving the Miami area

At Miami Breastfeeding Specialist, breastfeeding is made simple. Feeding a baby breast milk is natural, but it doesn’t always come without problems. Perfecting the breastfeeding relationship takes time and patience, but it can be a mutually rewarding experience. Freda is a registered nurse and lactation specialist who seeks to simplify life for new moms, helping make the breastfeeding process less complicated. She offers in-home private lactation consultations that include latch, positioning, milk supply issues, engorgement, reflux, colic, diet, pumping, storage, nursing strikes, adoptive nursing, weaning, sleep patterns, and age-appropriate developmental breastfeeding teaching. Guidance and support can be hands-on or hands-off, depending on each client’s comfort level, and can include instructions on how to properly use a breast pump. 

Lactation Consultant in Broward County

These three Miami lactation consultant agencies provide families with a number of quality services to help them in their breastfeeding journeys. Whether you’re returning to work, learning how to use a breast pump, experiencing milk supply issues, or want to make sure your baby is latching correctly, using the services of a lactation consultant can be extremely helpful as you breastfeed your little one. 

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