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Mamalactea Helps Moms on The Breastfeeding Journey in Miami

Apr 30, 2024

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally, and many mothers face challenges as they start their breastfeeding journey. If you or someone you know is struggling to feed their new baby, the services at Mamalactea in Miami might be a great fit! From prenatal education to in-person support groups, Mamalactea offers a variety of education and support services to help parents have a successful breastfeeding experience. 

About Mamalactea

7300 SW 93rd Ave, Suite 210, Miami, FL 33173

Mamalactea is a lactation consultant in Miami, Florida that provides practical and emotional breastfeeding support and education for families in the area. Lactation consultants help families have a beautiful, meaningful breastfeeding experience.

Mamalactea started with the goal of making breastfeeding an easier journey for parents. Although it’s natural, it doesn’t always come easily to parents. Through doulas and lactation professionals, parents can have a better start to nursing their babies. Run by an IBCLC, Mamalactea strives to offer a space where families can find support and help in overcoming challenges associated with breastfeeding. This place offers non-judgmental and empathetic care. 

A toddler girl in a pink dress kisses her sleeping newborn sister being held by mom on a bench in a studio after meeting mamalactea


Mamalactea offers consultations in the office, at home, and online. Services include breastfeeding education and support, breastfeeding classes, prenatal breastfeeding education, and education on breastfeeding techniques. Lactation consultations include a unique care plan that suits a client’s lifestyle and needs, helping them overcome any breastfeeding challenges. These appointments can be in-office or virtual. It includes assessing the mother-baby relationship, answering questions and concerns, and creating a personalized lactation plan. An infant scale is used to weigh the baby to figure out milk intake during feedings. 

There are also “going back to work” appointments, where parents can take the stress out of returning to the office. In this package, a lactation consultant covers multiple topics to ensure a smooth transition to returning to work, helping clients achieve their family and career goals. This appointment can be in person or online. 

Other appointments include exclusive pumping support and gentle weaning education. 

A happy mom sits on a bench in a studio with her toddler daughter on one leg and her newborn baby sleeping in her other arm after meeting mamalactea


Mamalactea hosts several workshops and support groups led by a breastfeeding counselor. They are offered both in-home and online and always rely on the most up-to-date evidence-based information.

Breastfeeding workshops include education on recent trends in lactation and breastfeeding, so families can make an informed choice before their baby’s birth that will positively impact their breastfeeding experience.

The Milk and Cookies Support Group is a group of breastfeeding mothers and their babies who come together to share, teach, and learn from one another. This support group is geared toward mothers of infants ages 0-3 months and is an 8-week program that meets in person or online.

Mamalactea also teams up with healthcare professionals because lactation consultants are an important part of a person’s healthcare team. Mamalactea offers support to medical professionals in matters of lactation, provides assistance and education to the practice, and provides the best possible multidisciplinary services to patients and clients. 

Take Over Your Breastfeeding With Help From Mamalactea

Mamalactea provides education and support for breastfeeding families in Miami. From prenatal education to lactation consultations to support groups, Mamalactea strives to help all parents have a successful breastfeeding experience. Above all, they empower parents to overcome challenges often associated with breastfeeding. 

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