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Eyla Cuenca: Your Trusted Miami Childbirth Educator and Doula

Mar 7, 2024

If you’re looking for a wonderful childbirth educator and doula in the Miami area, check out the services of Eyla Cuenca, a birth educator, doula, and advocate for parents. She provides an array of sessions and services that help support parents in their momentous journey to bring a new baby into the world. 

About Eyla Cuenca

6815 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138

Eyla Cuenca strives to give clients a conscious birth to help build a conscious world. Serving Miami families, Eyla is a holistic birth guide, childbirth educator, doula, health freedom advocate, and birth trauma alchemist. She has degrees in anthropology and photography. She has experience attending over 200 births in hospitals and home settings. Above all, she strives to empower parents through education and partnership. 

Eyla offers one-on-one guidance sessions to help women and couples during any point of their parenting journey, from conception to working through birth trauma years later. Through her signature childbirth education classes, Uncovering Birth, Eyla helps parents have positive birthing experiences. These courses prepare parents for welcoming a new baby into the world. She is supportive and friendly, coming alongside parents to help them feel empowered and equipped to have positive birthing experiences. 

A mother to be in a white lace maternity gown stands in a pine forest field of tall golden grass at sunset


Eyla Cuenca offers private consultations, which are great opportunities to learn, grow, and plan. From preconception to pregnancy to postpartum recovery, these private sessions are the perfect time for parents to ask questions and get valuable resources that will help them in their parenting journey. A “Refresher” course is offered for parents who have already attended a childbirth class. It covers what to expect from pregnancy to birth and beyond and how to help siblings adjust to a new baby. These sessions are specifically tailored to meet each family’s unique needs and goals.

Eyla Cuenca also offers doula services. She provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support for the mother and support person during the childbirth process. Additionally, she assists in home births, birth center births, or hospital births, offering non-judgmental support for all types of families. She facilitates communication between her clients and their medical providers to ensure that they feel empowered to make the most informed decisions when it comes to their baby’s wellbeing. She provides reassurance and perspective to the birth partner and assists in relaxation techniques (like massage and positioning) for the mother’s comfort during labor. 

Expecting parents hold the bump while standing in a field of tall golden grass at sunset and kissing after meeting eyla cuenca


Eyla Cuenca offers Bespoke Consultations to help families grow and plan. From preconception through pregnancy and postpartum, these private sessions are a great way for moms and their partners to ask questions, find resources, and access guidance for their pregnancy and childbirth experience. Eyla works with families to build a comprehensive birth plan, find a doctor or midwife, and establish goals.

In addition, there are classes families can take during pregnancy. Uncovering Birth Foundations is a self-guided, online class that consists of eight 60-minute classes and over 100 supplemental resources. It includes 6 months of Uncovering Birth access to go back through the content as much as you want to! This class gives clients a deeper understanding of labor and delivery, nutrition advice, non-chemical relaxation techniques, breastfeeding basics, newborn care, postpartum healing, birth planning, how to go through unexpected scenarios, how to communicate with your birth partner, and much more. The resources include PDF files, videos, and action steps to support you in your journey.

Eyla Cuenca also offers birth photography, and clients give her rave reviews. She is helpful, friendly, and able to capture beautiful images. She doesn’t interfere with the birthing process but is able to successfully capture wonderful images of the momentous occasion of childbirth.

Doula training is also available. Weekly classes run for 3 months and educate potential doulas on the sacred process of conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. At the end of this training, students earn their doula certification after they attend a birth. 

Happy expecting parents stand in a field of tall golden grass at sunset holding the bump before meeting eyla cuenca

Take The Stress Away With Help From Eyla Cuenca

If you want expertise and support during pregnancy and childbirth, consider utilizing the services of Eyla Cuenca, a doula and childbirth educator who works with families in the Miami area. From preparation classes to birth doula services to childbirth photography, to placenta encapsulation, and much more, Eyla is ready to assist parents in having amazing, empowering birth experiences that align with their own goals and needs. 

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