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Learn About Maternal Fetal Medicine in Miami Before Deciding

Nov 16, 2023

High-risk obstetrics help diagnose and treat conditions that may put a woman or child at risk during pregnancy and birth. High-risk obstetrics providers are also known as maternal-fetal medicine specialists. While searching for maternal-fetal medicine in Miami, I invite you to review these top four facilities. 

The Ultimate Guide to Maternal Fetal Medicine Miami

University of Miami Health System

When discussing maternal-fetal medicine in Miami, you have to first think about the University of Miami Health System. They provide research-based care centered around women and what is best for them to make informed healthcare decisions. 

Their 30 locations provide a range of services, including pre-conception, genetic counseling, prenatal diagnosis, and various medical conditions management. To determine if you are an eligible patient, review the “Who is a Candidate?” section on their website. 

A mom to be in a white maternity dress walks through the dunes holding hands with her partner in a white shirt by a lighthouse at sunset

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists of South Florida

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists of South Florida in Miami offer services, including fetal assessment, genetic counseling, genetic testing, and more. The team of providers offers specialized care to women and their unborn babies by managing high-risk pregnancies. 

Through healthcare plans, education, and monitoring, their highly qualified providers support women through pregnancy and childbirth. Their top priority is keeping women and babies healthy and happy. 

A mom to be in a white dress stands in the tall dunes with her husband in front of a lighthouse with the help of maternal fetal medicine miami

Pediatrix Medical Group

For over ten years, Pediatrix Medical Group has supported families in Miami with complex care. Preconception counseling, prenatal counseling, and high-risk pregnancy management services are available at their three locations in South Florida. 

They provide comprehensive care to women who may be hospitalized prior to childbirth. The office provides care for women who are pregnant with multiples. Their staff are experienced in all areas of high-risk pregnancies and work to create customized birth plans for all expecting mothers.

A mom to be stands on a windy beach dune by a lighthouse while holding her bump with help from maternal fetal medicine miami

Jackson Health

Jackson Health provides maternal-fetal medicine throughout locations in Miami, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, and outpatient centers. Their specialized physicians offer comprehensive care to women before, during, and after pregnancy. Each patient will begin with a series of assessments, consultations, evaluations, and tests to determine the level of care required. The results will help the specialists determine the needs of you and your baby for a safe and healthy pregnancy. 

Jackson Health System supports women considering vaginal births after a previous cesarean section (VBAC). Enroll in their childbirth education classes or take a tour of their facility online or by calling their office. One bonus of the facility is no limited access to visitors; they are welcome to come day or night. 

Maternal Fetal Medicine Miami

The specialists in maternal-fetal medicine in Miami can support women and babies through pregnancy and childbirth in a healthy and safe environment. 

Enjoy each moment during pregnancy and as you transition to life at home with a newborn. The moments will fly by, and you will appreciate pre-booking your luxury maternity, newborn, and family photography sessions. As a professional Miami photographer, I remove the stress of planning the photo shoot to allow you and your family to enjoy each other at the moment.


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