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Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly: Mother Earth Diaper Services

Nov 23, 2023

Did you know that scientists estimate it takes 300-500 years for disposable diapers to decompose? That means almost every single diaper is still sitting in landfills around the world. To add to that, they cost almost $1000 more per year compared to reusable alternatives. That is where cloth diapers step in. Mother Earth Diaper Services is a busy family’s solution to covering your baby with cloth diapers on a regular basis. While also doing their part to help the environment!   

About Mother Earth Diaper Services

Mother Earth Diaper Services provides diaper services for families to receive clean cloth diapers for their little ones. Since 2014, they have served South Florida’s Tri-County area with a cost-effective and earth-conscious alternative to disposable diapers. They strive to support families by providing reliable diaper services and support families with their journey of providing natural products for their children. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a white wrap in a white crib

Products and Services

Mother Earth Diaper Services provides parents with 100% cotton prefold cloth diapers on a weekly basis. If you are living in South Florida’s tri-county areas, then you may be eligible for their weekly diaper service. Call the office to verify your address is within their pickup and delivery area. When you are ready to start your diaper service, you can easily sign up online. Pick a package with the diapers, wipes, fasteners, and supplies that will work best for your family. A variety of packages include cloth and paper diaper options as they know you may have different needs for your family’s lifestyle. A one-time setup fee is required to get you started. The fee includes diaper pail liners, diaper pail and liners, or an ultimate package that includes even more diaper equipment. As a part of the setup, you will receive a tote to store your clean diapers and diaper prep. 

A newborn bay sleeps in a beige chair while wrapped in a white swaddle over a diaper from mother earth diaper services


I know I don’t want to be cleaning these diapers, so I know you don’t either. That is why they will deliver and pick up weekly! They provide fresh and clean diapers right to your doorstep! So you don’t have to worry about emergency trips to the store when you run out of diapers! 

Mother Earth Diaper Services also does not use any harsh chemicals in the making or cleaning of their diapers. Many chemicals found in disposables have been linked to irritations such as diaper rash and other allergies. In addition, their diapers are breathable and much cooler for your baby. That comes in handy in this South Florida heat! Additionally, it has been found that parents notice any dampness sooner than with disposables. Because of this, they have seen much better success in early potty training with their little ones! So, what is there not to love about these amazing cloth diapers?

A newborn baby sleeps in a wooden crib in a tropical nursery while wearing a diaper from mother earth diaper services

Mother Earth Diaper Services

Mother Earth diaper services provides families with regular weekly cloth diaper pick up and drop off at your front door. With many diaper packages and the ability to change at any time, you will have your baby covered in comfortable and natural products. 

Before you blink, your little ones will be out of diapers. So, let’s chat about your maternity, newborn, and family photos! Then, we can get started reserving a session to capture those fleeting moments.


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